Footprints Or Butt Prints?

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At many occasion I have we met people who I thought have some genius inside them but they are not living up to their potential… I am sure we all come across such people in all walks of life. Some of these people have brilliant academic history, some others have that extraordinary brain that probably can solve any mathematical or scientific problem before even we finish the problem statement itself!

Yet, they live an ordinary life… contribute nothing much of significance to the society … do nothing that could make any significant difference in anybody’s life. But they seem satisfied with what they have accomplished and proudly justify why they are who they are!

Talking to them brings a thought as if all others who are working hard to make a difference in their lives and in society are crazy people running around! …And these are the real intellectuals who actually are doing nothing much of significance and letting the life pass by…

As a matter of fact, these extraordinary people live an ordinary life and feel proud about it! Thinking about this waste of talent, such a waste of life is very disheartening…Footprints or Butt Prints

I remember this profound statement that said, In life, we will either make a footprints or butt prints in the sands of time

Making footprints means you took charge, tried, made no excuses, did what you were best at and best of all made a positive impression in time with the gift of who you are. You took ACTION to make a difference with your God given talents and abilities!

Making butt prints means you sat your life out on your butt and did nothing.

The difference between these two prints is that, looking back in time, one has you saying “I’m glad I did that” and the other has you saying,”I wish I had done that”

Success and failure both are relative terms and they both depend on their understanding of the individual. Some people feel successful if they are doing okay or better as compared to others around them. These are self centric people.

For others success means much more than that. They feel successful if they touched lives of others and made a positive difference in their lives. These are the people who leave their footprints who others would follow. These are the people remembered long after they are gone…

In my opinion, we all want to make a difference. We all are valuable with incredible gifts ripe for making an impact if we want to. But we must step out of our comfort zone, use them and make a difference rather than sitting down and ride this life out!

I love this quote that is so simple yet so powerful and I would like to share here as my closing note:

 If you want to touch the past… touch a rock

If you want to touch the present… touch a rose

If you want to touch the future… touch a life.

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By Snigdha Krishna

Snigdha Krishna is Founder and President at Krishna World Wide, an international business development firm. Snigdha along with a highly qualified team of entrepreneurs helps and mentors men and women around the world empowering them to own and operate their own independent businesses. Snigdha works with individuals from diverse backgrounds and spends time coaching and mentoring a few goal oriented and driven professionals who have the desire to develop and diversify their asset base and generate alternative high income revenue streams.

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  1. well said very good information it tells that past in the experience to the present and using both the past and present experience to make the future brighter

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